Rio Collection

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The 2020 pandemic has caused the world to take a pause.  But this didn’t stop Tickled Tripper from taking a new adventure by launching a clothing line - the Rio Collection! 

Tickled Tripper takes inspiration from different places for its designs. For this new collection, Rio de Janeiro was chosen from a bucket list of destinations. The designs were inspired by Georgia Black's description of Rio de Janeiro:

"Half mountainous jungle, half city ringed by sandy white beach, Rio is unlike any other metropolis.  Executives escape for a body surf between meetings and samba joints are still jumping midweek in the early hours in the morning.  There's no judgement, no palpable stress, no right way to look or dress or act - as long as you are there you're invited"

A collection of cotton-linen tops, bottoms and dresses, the collection was produced in colors: white, yellow, and gray.